Buddy Love Widget For WordPress

Buddy Love Widget for WordPress ScreenshotBuddy Love WordPress Widget allows you to display a configurable number of the latest headlines from sites listed in your WordPress blogroll. You can specify a picture in the “Image Address” field for each link so that each headline will bear a unique image from the site that it was pulled from.


For WordPress 2.3+:
Buddy Love v1.13 (Feb. 19, 2008)

For Older Versions of WordPress:
This has not been tested with WordPress versions less than 2.3


  1. Download and unzip buddy-love-widget.zip to /WordPress/ wp-content/ plugins/
  2. Activate the widget from your Plugins tab of your WordPress dashboard.
  3. Go to Presentation / Widgets and drag the Buddy Love widget to your sidebar.


Version 1.13 has three options:

  • Title: The Title of your Blogroll as it will appear on your sidebar.
  • Number of Posts to Show: This is the maximum number of posts you want the widget to display at one time.
  • Set Links To Nofollow: Nofollow is used to instruct search engines that a link should not be counted when a link’s rank is calculated. There really should be no reason to set your links to nofollow unless you are using Buddy Love for paid links.


Because Buddy Love is pulling information from your WordPress blogroll, there are certain fields for each item in your WordPress blogroll that have to be filled in for the plugin to work properly.

  • Name: This is where Buddy Love pulls the item in grey above each blog’s picture.
  • Image address: This field is listed in the “Advanced” section of each link. In this field, type the URL to the image that you would like to use for each blog. The plugin will show each picture at 40 X 40 pixels, so anything above that is a waste. Also, hosting these images locally is faster than having the plugin grab them from other sites.
  • RSS Address: This field can also be found in the “Advanced” section of each link. When you import an .opml file, this field will be filled in for you. If you built your blogroll manually, you will have to type in the URL of the RSS feed for each blog. Buddy Love will then pull the posts from the feeds as you have listed them.

Change Log

v1.13 (Feb. 21, 2008)
-Caching introduced to speed up the fetching of files.

v1.0 (Feb. 19, 2008)
Inital plugin release.


Why is the plugin named Buddy Love?
Buddy Love was the smooth, social alter ego of the Nutty Professor. He’s that guy that does all the socializing for you while your nerdy side would rather be talking in machine language. And is there much more love than you can show to your buddies than linking to their latest posts?

Doesn’t hitting all those feeds slow things down?
Because Buddy Love is hitting up your friends’ feeds and pulling their most recent stories, you’d expect that there would be some serious overhead, but since version 1.13, Buddy has been using Magpie RSS to cache feeds and speed things up.

Why doesn’t Buddy Love show exactly X posts when I set the limit to X posts?
Because Buddy Love doesn’t take orders from nerds, baby. Buddy Love talks to who Buddy Love wants to talk to. Ok, it’s because Buddy pulls a set number of links from your database, and then attempts to retrieve them from the individual sites. If it can’t retrieve a feed, it skips it, so you might see fewer items than you requested.

Bugs / Support Requests

Feel free to Contact me.