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Whether you choose to follow Octobeard, National Beard Growing Month (aka No Shave November), or MaBeGroMo, growing a beard is one of the simplest, zero-effort, macho things you can do. As someone who has been growing an annual winter beard for years now, I highly recommend it.

Beardophrenia: The Beard Comedy Short

It took a couple of years to put together, but in February 2011, a friend and I put together a six minute comedy short on beard shaving. “Trevor Cleanshave has a question to ask his bearded roommates, and the answer may drag him down the rabbit hole of what it means to have a beard.”

The video managed to get 12,000 views before it was retired for being a bit too old.


There are a lot of excuses that men use to not participate in annual beard growth, and I’ve compiled a FAQ to help them overcome their excuses and have a pretty rewarding experience. If you’re on the fence about growing a beard, check The Beard FAQ.

If you have questions about Mabegromo, check the MaBeGroMo Mini FAQ.

Beard Type Chart

If you’re looking for some ideas on how to shape your facial hair to fit your style, check out my updated and expanded chart of facial hair types. All the old favorites are there, as well as some more modern styles.

The Quest For Every Beard Type

If you’re looking for more detailed descriptions and examples of some of the beards listed in the beard type chart, check out my Quest For Every Beard Type. So far, I’ve managed to provide personal examples of 50 of the 53 beard types listed. I test them out, so you don’t have to.

Need Beard Grooming Tips?

Having trouble taming that unruly beard? Me too. Over the years, I’ve come up with a few tips to tame an unruly beard

Beard Shaving

Every year, I try to have a little fun while shaving my beard off and attempt to demonstrate as many known beard types as I can. I always make up a semi-coherent story to tie the pictures together, although I can’t explain why.

2003: Beard Shaving 2003
This was the first documented case of beard shaving on record, and the bearded mountain man ends up winding his way through several jobs and a lot of beard types.

2004: Beard Shaving 2004
The bearded mountain man makes a trip to Lancaster and Starfleet Academy. In the process, he manages to represent both the Klingon beard and the federation standard sideburns.

2005: Unavailable
Beard Shaving canceled by a freak barber accident.

2006: Beard Shaving 2006
After getting it in my head that I looked like a 70’s camp counselor, I started laughing and dropped my camera. The camera broke, leaving me with only two fully bearded pictures for the year.

2007: Beard Shaving 2007
The bearded mountain man goes evil and transforms himself into “El Magico the Magnificent”. He also knocks off a couple more of the beard types including the balbo, the hollywoodian, and the anchor.

2008: Beard Shaving 2008
The soul patch (a repeat), rap industry standard, toothbrush, a la souvarov, hulihee, ducktail and French fork are featured through the tale of the mountain man’s life as Thaddeus B. Butterworth.

2009: Beard Shaving 2009
The bearded mountain man has to use several well thought out aliases to avoid being recognized as the R&B powerhouse, MC Butterworth. The van dyke reappears, as does the handlebar with chin puff, and handlebar with goatee.

2010: Beard Shaving 2010
The bearded mountain man the makes his annual trek into the city to take on nu-metal, the art world, and an internet-stealing wizard. The Garibaldi, Verdi, Imperial, English Mustache, Hungarian, Handlebar, Fu Manchu, Dali, Mega Tusk, and Star Beard make their debuts. The Handlebar and Fu Manchu are revisited.

2011: Beard Shaving 2011
The bearded mountain man returns. Again. No one knows why. Appearing with him are the Old Dutch, Mutton Chops, and the Chin Strap, as well as special repeat guest appearance by The Chin Curtain.

2012: Beard Shaving 2012
The bearded mountain man doesn’t do anything because he’s really lazy. Appearing with him are the English Mustache with Goatee, the Norse Skipper, and the Sparrow. Returning guest appearances by the Petit Goatee and the Goatee.

2013: Beard Shaving 2013
The bearded mountain man fails as an online gamer and moves to Mexico. The Cantinflas, Winnfield, and Napoleon III Imperial star. Repeat guest appearances by The VanDyke (with sideburns), The Handlebar with Goatee, The Copstash Standard, The Zappa, and another poor attempt at a French Fork.

2014: Beard Shaving 2014
The bearded mountain man turns into Danny Glover. The Puff-a-hee, Franz Josef, and Petit handlebar appear. Guest appearances are made by the Hulihee, Handlebar, Copstash standard, and Friendly chops.

2015: Beard Shaving 2015
The bearded mountain man will not turn down. The Nero, Tarly, and Neckbeard are launched. The Petit goatee makes a guest appearance.

2016: Beard Shaving 2016The handful of photos wasn’t really worth a story. The Whale Tail with Handlebar and the Everett Pencil were added. Repeated were the Handlebar with Chin Puff, the VanDyke, and the Whale Tail.

2017: Timing was off and no actual beard shaving occurred during 2017. This is probably a good place to stop.