2011 Beard Shaving and Beard Quest Update

dyers.org beard logoWhat started as a small story to amuse #1GF! and my coworkers, has grown into The Quest for Every Beard Type. And it’s been going on for eight years now.

Eight years.

Well, the gents and I have started in on MaBeGroMo, so the 2011 beard reaping is done for another year. This year’s pics and story are posted in Beard Shaving 2011.

The Quest For Every Beard Type

Three new styles were added to The Quest for Every Beard Type this year, bringing the total number of beards completed to 36 out of 42. And if beards were money, you would’ve earned a tidy 7% profit with no initial investment. You can thank me later.

As always, happy bearding!

2 thoughts on “2011 Beard Shaving and Beard Quest Update

  1. what would you classify the beard the Robert Downy Jr. sports as Tony Stark? or the style Leo DiCaprio had in Departed? both of which should be added to your list.

    thanks for this wonderful blog, my husband is growing out his beard, i love the options that he now has if/when he decides to shave it off. i was looking for styles and that’s how i came across your blog.

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