Counting Down To MaBeGroMo VI: City Under Siege

We are under a week away from November Beard Club / No Shave November / Movember, and a mere 36 days away from Mabegromo. Isn’t it about time you and that razor of yours start saying your goodbyes?

Deep down, you know it is.

5 thoughts on “Counting Down To MaBeGroMo VI: City Under Siege

  1. Are you going to get a head start, or are you going to tidy up the night before the official start and see how things progress from there?

  2. I am all for Mabegromo, to hell with Movember, there’s enough people with wannabe porn star/guido stache’s in this town as is, Imma beard it up like the real man!

  3. I have been growing my beard since September 2, 2011 I began by looking into your site and thought I would try out Mabegromo. I hope the head start is accepted, I also plan on continuing the growth well into spring.

  4. As someone unable to participate, due to spousal concern, my hat is off to you in respect for the amazing work you’ve done with your quest. Simply awesome. Keep it up.

  5. May MaBeGroMo bring you the satisfaction that only a sweet beard can. I used to do the same thing, but haven’t participated for the last two years because I can’t stand shaving the beard. This year however, I did link to the Dyers beard pages on the front page.

    Good luck to everyone from

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