Counting Down To MaBeGroMo VI: City Under Siege

We are under a week away from November Beard Club / No Shave November / Movember, and a mere 36 days away from Mabegromo. Isn’t it about time you and that razor of yours start saying your goodbyes?

Deep down, you know it is.

5 thoughts on “Counting Down To MaBeGroMo VI: City Under Siege

  1. Are you going to get a head start, or are you going to tidy up the night before the official start and see how things progress from there?

  2. I am all for Mabegromo, to hell with Movember, there’s enough people with wannabe porn star/guido stache’s in this town as is, Imma beard it up like the real man!

  3. I have been growing my beard since September 2, 2011 I began by looking into your site and thought I would try out Mabegromo. I hope the head start is accepted, I also plan on continuing the growth well into spring.

  4. May MaBeGroMo bring you the satisfaction that only a sweet beard can. I used to do the same thing, but haven’t participated for the last two years because I can’t stand shaving the beard. This year however, I did link to the Dyers beard pages on the front page.

    Good luck to everyone from

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