2010 Beard Shaving and Quest Update

dyers.org beard logoBefore I had the The Quest for Every Beard Type, all my annual beard shaving pictures were posted into a loose, and often odd, story to amuse #1GF! and my co-workers.

With a mere three weeks left to go in the year, the seventh annual picture set has been posted. This year, the Mountain Man makes his annual trek into the city to take on Nu-Metal, the art world, and an internet-stealing wizard.

Check out Beard Shaving 2010 for the full story if you like your beards peppered with strange.

The Quest For Every Beard Type

Eleven styles were attempted and six were added to The Quest for Every Beard Type this year, bringing the total number of beards completed to 33 out of 42. The 2010 Handlebar picture replaced the 2007 picture, and the Fu Manchu, Mega Tusk, and star beard were just too odd to include.

4 thoughts on “2010 Beard Shaving and Quest Update

  1. Managed member, but doubt I’ll make it to champion as I have some events coming up at the end of january where I think I’ll want to do some selective shaving and show up with an extraordinary beard. Probably an Imperial or mutton chops.

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