Star Trek Redshirt: Pwn, Replace, Repeat

Ah, the red shirts: the pawns of the Star Trek Universe. When three main characters and “Ensign Larry” beam down to the planet, you know who’s going to take the poisonous spikes to the face from the native plant, or the shot the chest from an angry laser-toting robot. I happen to be wearing a red shirt this morning. I should probably plan to just stay indoors after I finish cleaning all the sharks out of the mega-nitroglycerin grinder in cargo bay two.

Oh, shoot. Hey, if you’re reading this, could you come down and open the air lock door? If I don’t get the grinder cleaned before the captain gets back, I’m a dead man. Oh, and could you bring down the air lock timer manual? The damned thing is counting backwards…

Pwning The Pawns Of The Star Trek Universe

2 thoughts on “Star Trek Redshirt: Pwn, Replace, Repeat

  1. There’s a red shirt character in the Night of the Living Trekkies book, I think he was named Willy Makit, but that was just a character within the story name, his real name was something along the lines of Arnie Dyes.
    He and his friends go to the conference the story takes place in as a group of red shirts from the USS Expendable.

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