Video Mate: ’80s Video Dating At It’s Worst

Kids, imagine, if you will, a time when getting online consisted of dialing into a BBS with your 900 baud modem and leaving messages for the other dungeon masters. It was long before Facebook and YouTube, when meeting a potential mate meant hanging up your Cloak of Sarcasm and actually leaving the house.

Then along comes Video Mate. You break out your Beta max camera, make an audition tape that you think will make Chuck Woolery proud, and wait for the propositions to start rolling in. You have no idea that millions of people will see just how suave you are…a mere thirty years too late.

Video Mate: ’80s Video Dating At It’s Worst

4 thoughts on “Video Mate: ’80s Video Dating At It’s Worst

  1. “If you’re sitting there, watching this tape, smoking your cigarette, well, hit your fast forward button, because I don’t smoke, and I don’t like people who do smoke.”

    Such class.

  2. @John: I believe you can do it.

    @JAK: It’s a good thing that studs like that can’t be tied down.

    @William: I’m sure a lot of women silently slumped with disappointment.

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