Dyers.org Turns Forty-Eight (In Web Years)

Robot Cupcake At a time when my feedreader is choking on the bones of abandoned blogs that are being voraciously devoured 140 characters at a time, my blog is turning eight years old. That’s a long time for something to exist on the web without a viable business model. I think I know how the dinosaurs felt.

I had to drop to a weekly posting schedule to make room for a book and new baby, but 548,083 unique visitors still managed to drop by here in 2009. Even though that was down from 1.3 million visitors in 2008, I still feel the same awe that I felt in early 2002 when there were twenty-nine people a day reading along: I still wonder who those other twenty-six people are.

So, Thank You (Yes, You)!

The blogsphere is now packed with leaner, funnier, and better marketed blogs than this one, so I want you to know that I appreciate you spending some of your time here sifting through the literary rubble for something amusing to pocket week after week. I really do. So even though I can’t pay you in money, when you die, on your deathbed, you’ll receive total consciousness. So you got that going for you…which is nice.

Whether your one of the site’s 400 subscribers or just someone who checks in once and a while, thanks for helping to make this another great year.

Gunga galunga…gunga — Gunga galunga.

-Jon Dyer

4 thoughts on “Dyers.org Turns Forty-Eight (In Web Years)

  1. Very sad, I always liked your blog.

    Anyway, good luck! I just want to ask one thing: keep the beard growing alive! I found out here how great it is.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi, I’m Tad. I, too, am a blogger and father, as well as a proud beard grower.

    I found you thanks to the Beard pages, took a couple of useful tips about using Audacity, and keep you in the Reader because even though I don’t have time to live my OWN life, I sometimes enjoy reading what you have to say about yours! 🙂

    Okay…that’s me. Only 500,079 to go?

  3. @Matheus: I’m still blogging. It’s just weekly instead of daily these days. Thanks though. The bearding is always alive.

    @Tad: Awesome! Good to know the beardos are out there.

    @Erin: Thanks!

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