6 Free Sources of Halloween Music To Stave Off The Zombies

It’s Halloween, and I thought you might need some music to keep charged up while you’re defending against the Zombie hoards. I included my own playlist from last year’s Finetune Friday, a couple of radio stations, a podcast from Hipster Please, a collection of sound effects (in case you’re looking for a free ringtone or just something to scare the kids), and I even threw in a collection of music from Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

That should be plenty to get you through the night. Although headphones may prevent you from hearing zombies sneaking up behind you, the headphone strap may provide just enough protection to keep them from chewing through to your sweet, sweet braaaains. Good luck. See you at dawn.

Free Halloween Music To Keep You Going

  1. Finetune Friday: Ghastly, Ghoulish, Gruesome, & Gross
    This is my own personal grab bag of tracks from last year’s Finetune Friday. I tend to lean more toward fun than anything else, so this is more geared to folks who like their Halloween groans served up with a side of eye rolling and head shaking.
  2. Slacker Halloween Radio
    Slacker has an eclectic but decent Halloween mix. It’s mostly loosely related tracks like “Running with the Devil” or “Seasons of the Witch”, but they manage to throw in some nicely obscure tracks. I listened for a few hours and didn’t hit a repeat.
  3. Last.fm Halloween Radio
    The Last.fm Halloween mix is similar to Slacker Halloween radio, but I didn’t like it as much as the two above. It’s still a decent selection of music though.
  4. Radio Free Hipster Ep. 53: Monster Manual
    This 14 track podcast from Hipster, Please had a few cool tracks in it, but it wasn’t really my style. I’m not really cool at all though, so your mileage may vary. It took a while to download for some reason, and because it’s a podcast, it’s pretty short.
  5. Halloween Sound Effects
    Whether you’re looking for a free ringtone or something to startle a coworker, you can’t beat the price of free.
  6. Music from the Haunted Mansion
    This is some of the original music and sound effects recorded for Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Download them if you dare. Muah ha ha ha ha ha!

Happy Halloween!

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