30 Hauntingly Good Graphics Resources

Whether you’re pimping out your desktop, preparing party invitations, simply trying to break into the Scandinavian death metal scene, below are 30 graphic resources that should have you digitally pimped out this Halloween season.



Turning Your House Into A Haunted Mansion

How To Properly Smear And Splatter Blood

The Dark Book of Photoshop

Creating A Bloody Mouth

Creating A Bloody Eye

Learn To Throw Blood On The Wall

Turn Yourself Into A Zombie Killer

Beauty Is Skin Deep: How To Peel A Face Off

How To Create Bloody Text

Free Halloween Fonts

66+ Free Fonts for Your Halloween Projects

Dafont’s Scary Fonts Collection

Horror Fonts from Sinister Fonts

Urban Font’s Horror Fonts Collection

Free Photoshop and GIMP Brushes

Blood Brushes (GIMP)

More Blood Brushes (GIMP)

Arcane Symbol Brushes (GIMP)

11 Splatter Brushes (GIMP)

More Splatter Brushes (GIMP)

41 High- Splatter Brushes (Photoshop)

Free Horror Brushes (Photoshop)

Free Halloween Brushes (Photoshop)

Free Dark Wing Brushes (Photoshop)

Free Vector Graphics

Free Skull Vectors

Free Desktop Icons (Windows and Mac)


Spooky Stickers

Bride of Macabre


Snappy Hour Halloween

Ravenswood Revisited

Retro Masks

2 thoughts on “30 Hauntingly Good Graphics Resources

  1. Hey Jon, if you or any of your Halloween-minded readers/friends can help me with this costume/makeup idea, that’d be swell: I want to do a makeup job so that it looks like my flesh is melting a little. I’m going to be a mad scientist who got exposed to some evil chemicals or something, and I want to look a little melty. Other than buying an expensive mask, anyone got good “melting flesh” ideas?

  2. Latex ‘fake skin’ from a costume shop is your best bet and you can find simple instructions online. Failing that, head to a drug store and raid the cosmetics aisle for either a clear face mask and/or very cheap make up or concealer and cake that on…depends on the quality you’re after but you should get some good peeling/dangling effects, and you can build up layers of makeup and then scrape through it to your own skin.

    Apply it in a room with about the same lighting you’ll be partying in and be prepared to photoshop yourself effective in retrospect.

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