Phone Home You Will, Starbuck?

#1GF! and I are sitting in Chachky’s or Flingers, and there are piles of seemingly random crap tacked up to the walls. Among the junk on the wall opposite me, there is a picture of the cast of Star Trek and a rubber Yoda mask…

Me: Hey, there’s a picture of Star Trek on that wall.
#1GF!: [turns] Yes, I agree.
Me: And there’s a Yoda head there, too.
#1GF!: [turns and turns back]
Me: You don’t know who Yoda is.
#1GF!: Uh… E.T.?
Me: [thumps head on table]

#1GF!: [laughing] Are you going to leave me now?
Me: [whips out notebook to transcribe conversation for internet]
Me: [puts notebook away] I’m making you watch Star Wars when we get home.
#1GF!: You made me watch Star Track.
Me: Please tell me you said that on purpose.
#1GF!: Maybe, but you made me watch it.
Me: No, I never did.
#1GF!: You did. There was a ship and it was going to crash into the mothership.
Me: [amused that #1GF! used the word “mothership”] Never.
#1GF!: You made me.
Me: Wait. Are you talking about Lord of the Rings?
#1GF!: No, I slept through that. This was a whole series.
Me: ?
#1GF!: [as if my testicles were suddenly beamed off the planet] There was a love interest…
Me: [staring]
#1GF!: [staring]
Me: Wait, you’re not talking about Battlestar Galactica
#1GF!: You’re right. I am.
Me: [whips out notebook again]
#1GF!: You might as well keep that thing out because it’s not going to get any better.

5 thoughts on “Phone Home You Will, Starbuck?

  1. Being a fairly nerdly nerd about Star Wars and Trek, not to mention a girl, I found this kind of horrible, yet slightly understandable. I’m sometimes aghast at the lack of sci-fi nerdery in the females. I have many girl friends that just aren’t that into it. So it goes.
    I love the whole “mothership” thing too. Hilarious. That word, and every different form of “nerd” will now be a constant in my nerdcabulary.
    BTW, my husband “made” me watch Enterprise and DS9, and I’ve since become a bigger fan of Trek than I ever thought possible. (I was only a mild Trek fan from NG and Voyager to begin with). And I had never seen the movies until this year when I bought the whole set for him (but mostly for me). There might be some hope for #1GF yet.

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