12 thoughts on “What I Hate About Religion, Atheism, & Agnosticism

  1. The only thing I hate about religion /atheism / agnosticism is that people can’t keep their beliefs to themselves. Believe what ever you want but keep it to yourself America!

  2. I, for one, will not rest until ‘Shrugging’ is included in every High School science class. Only we don’t call it ‘Shrugging’…we call it ‘Mindful Ambivalence’.

  3. “Believe what ever you want but keep it to yourself America!”

    Only America…that leaves a lot of nation’s still “speaking” about religion–usually through suicide bombers, bomber bombers, guns, and other nefarious means!

  4. I’m an agnostic and there is no shrugging to be had on my end. My response is never “I don’t know”, it’s more of a “that’s a stupid question” or if I’m longwinded “there isn’t enough evidence to make a conclusion, and there are no apparent consequences (outside of social) to believing one hypothesis over another, so having an opinion on that matter is silly.”

  5. HAHAHA! Oh that is just great ammunition against so many extremist atheists and religious people I know in the small town I live in! That will be my argument next time anyone tries to push their belief system on me, whether its atheism or a specific religion. Of course, I’ll have to say what I think of one and then the other, but still! I guess I won’t bother shrugging either, just keep it to myself, haha, after all, it is just my belief. Wicked! Hahaha!

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