Brad Sucks – Making Me Paranoid

Seriously. Where did this near obsession with learning to remix songs come from? And why am I doing it all manually with free tools like Audacity? And Why do I keep remixing the same song over and over? I wish I had answers, but this is what happens when you leave me home for a year without any deadlines.

There are a few obvious glitches in the mix, but it took me literally a working day’s worth of cutting and shifting little bits of audio in Audacity to get it this far. The vocals were changed from 120 BPM to 164 BPM, the guitar pitch was shifted down a full step, and I had to carve up a lot of both songs to get them to fit together. I still missed in a couple of spots, but I’m chalking this one up to a learning experience. I had to give up with a “good enough” before getting it perfect because there’s only so many times I can listen to the same two second clips over and over before I start losing my mind.


Making Me Nervous (The Black Remix)

4 thoughts on “Brad Sucks – Making Me Paranoid

  1. Brad Sabbath – Making me paranoid…er

    Finished with my woman ’cause she
    made me nervous all the time
    people think I’m insane
    because I take one step at a time

    Sort of kind of. Anyway, I was so much expecting Ozzy to howl in the chorus that eventually I imagined it.

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