Have Yourself A Talkbox Little Christmas

There isn’t a heck of a lot of work for talkbox professionals these days, so it’s not hard to get all funked up over this “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” video from Moot Booxle. Not only is it well done and funky as hell, but you may notice some Atomic Dog references thrown in there to float your holiday cheer.

Good talkbox videos aren’t easy to come by these days, so savor this moment, my friends.


Moot Booxle With “Have Yourself A Merry Christmas”

4 thoughts on “Have Yourself A Talkbox Little Christmas

  1. Wow. And I was thinking today about the best of talkbox mix disc again.
    Might not be your way forXmas, but will be ready by moving day for certain.
    Now if you could do something about the ad for Bon Jovi Ringtones, I might be inclined to do another musicians’ friend purchase…

  2. It’d be fitting to assign it to your number… If only the damn nextel would let me put my own ringtones in it.
    Piece of crap saved you from that fate. Be thankful.

    ps – do you get a cut if the order comes through your link for the free shipping over 49? Or is there something else I should be clicking to maximize profit from the Musicians’ Friend store through your portal?

  3. I do get a small cut if people buy something, but it’s not a per click like other ads. I’ll see if I can dig up some coupons for you. I think Musician’s Friend sent me some. they sent me some.

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