66+ Free Fonts for Your Halloween Projects

Halloween is bearing down on us fast, and I know you’re going to need some ultra-scary fonts for all that Halloween art. Here are 66 frighteningly free Halloween fonts broken down into categories to help you execute your monstrous masterpieces this season.

66 free fonts and two angry dragons

    Scary Band Fonts

  1. Cannibal Corpse (band)
  2. Cramps
  3. Danzing
  4. Amped for Evil (Dystempa)
  5. Misfits
  6. Samdan (Samhain)
  7. Slayer
  8. Scary Movie Fonts

  9. 28 Days Later
  10. Ben Witch Project (Blair Witch Project)
  11. Bewitched
  12. Burton’s Nightmare (Nightmare Before Christmas)
  13. Casper
  14. Dark Crystal
  15. Dracula
  16. Evil Dead
  17. Evil Dead 2
  18. Evil Dead: Army of Darkness
  19. Frankenstein
  20. Fiddums Family (Addams Family)
  21. Friday the 13th
  22. Gargoyles (tv)
  23. Gremlins
  24. Ghostbusters
  25. Harry P (Harry Potter)
  26. Hellraiser SC
  27. Horror Hotel
  28. Karloff (actor)
  29. Night of the Dead
  30. Sleepy Hollow
  31. Rebuffed (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  32. Rocky Horror (Rocky Horror Picture Show)
  33. Scream
  34. Skellington bats (Nightmare Before Christmas dingbats)
  35. Resident Evil
  36. Pointy Pokey Fonts

  37. Cenobyte
  38. Claw
  39. Cosmic Bats
  40. Deutsche_Zierschrift
  41. Kreepy Krawly
  42. Luciferius
  43. Rapscallion
  44. Satan Posessed
  45. Transylvania
  46. Zombie Holocaust
  47. Blunt Trauma Fonts

  48. Morgus the Magnificent
  49. Munster Mash
  50. Scary
  51. Satan’s Minions
  52. Scary Boney Fonts

  53. Bones
  54. Calaveras
  55. Dia De Los Muertos
  56. Tango Macabre
  57. Creepy Crawly Fonts

  58. Halloween Spider
  59. Mummified
  60. Riot Act
  61. Spiders
  62. Scary Monsters
  63. Scary Psycho Fonts

  64. Black Letter
  65. Caracura
  66. Crazy Killer
  67. Feast of Flesh
  68. Nightmare
  69. Plague Death
  70. Punk Ass Bitch
  71. Uncle Typewriter
  72. Drippy Slimy Fonts

  73. Creepsville
  74. Kreepshow Frigid
  75. Postcrypt
  76. Halloween Pumpkin Fonts

  77. Perfect Pumpkin
  78. Pumpkin

A few of my favorites from the list were Amped for Evil, Scary monsters, and Misfits, which were combined to create this post’s header image. Did you have any favorites?

6 thoughts on “66+ Free Fonts for Your Halloween Projects

  1. I saw that one and a few others, but but they’re not really scary. The ‘Maiden font is more robotic to me.

    The reason that I didn’t do the previews or host all the zip files is that other sites are already hosting them and I thought it would be a waste of time and bandwidth. Plus, I was burned out from hunting them all down and filtering out some of the crappy ones.

    What’s cool about those sites is that you can test the fonts with whatever text you want. Like this.

  2. I’m a sucker for great free fonts.

    I really wish I had a PC at home that I had windows installed on so I could get some awesome sIFR headlines created.

  3. This are amazing! I was making quiet happy sounds as I looked at them.
    I love the Zombie Holocaust one! BRILLIANCE!

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