I Still Look For Your Fingerprints

While #1GF! and I were out looking for houses this past weekend, we came across a house that was priced very low for its size due to foreclosure. We’ve seen foreclosures before, but the house was empty and not nearly as destroyed as some we’ve seen, despite a lot of the fixtures being missing.

After walking through a doorway that had obviously been sealed shut with masking tape, I was faced with giant words like “NOT FAIR” and “COME HOME” written on the walls in magic marker. I didn’t understand the masking tape, but I assumed that the messages were due to the previous owner being upset about the foreclosure. In the next room, I found a girl’s name and two dates written in marker on the inside of a closet with the words “16 years and 53 days”. It started to feel like whoever had been foreclosed on may have also been dealing with the death of a teenager.

The house was incredibly huge, and I was torn between an incredibly good deal and the heavy air of sadness in the house. While I was forcing myself to remember that buying a house that was already foreclosed on was not taking anything further from the previous owner, I came across a tiny note scrawled on the kitchen doorway that convinced me it was time to move on. The note read,

“I still look for your fingerprints.”

8 thoughts on “I Still Look For Your Fingerprints

  1. Wow, what a bad recipe for a future homeowner.

    It’s a bit sad, a lot scary, and somewhat just plain disturbing. And then you start feeling sorry for whoever. But once you find the note saying that they still look for your fingerprints, it quickly brings you back to reality and you wonder if someone’s hiding, watching, and waiting.

    Wise move on getting out of there.

    The notes on the walls weren’t written in blood, right?

  2. I took it as a mother looking for her daughter’s fingerprints rather than mine. It didn’t seem creepy so much as sad. If you want creepy, go into a burnt out house at night.

  3. There is the whole Chinese belief that a house absorbs whatever energy (people-wise) live in it. There is the idea that you can walk into a house and “sense’ if it is a happy, sad, distraught, etc. home. You’re not suppose to buy a home if the previous owner had killed himself, went bankrupt, etc. which then negative chi is absorbed by the home and passed onto the next occupants.

    There is suppose to be some Feng Shui fixes but personally I’d rather not live in a house knowing there was a sucide or something like that.

    Sad to hear about what you found Jon. I think you hit it on the head, there was teenager who died in the home and you saw some of the symptoms of the family grieving. 🙁

  4. what you missed was a mother who loved her daughter beyond life. it was a house full of love that held the messages of her despair after torri’s death. nothing creepy, nothing sinister, only the protest of a life ending too soon.

    you seem to be a somewhat sensitive person; researching some of the facts before posting your two notes. thanks for that.

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