Why I Love Small Towns: Kung Fu Gorilla

Every week, #1GF! will sit down and read the police report from our local town newspaper. In the city this would be rather depressing, but in a small town, it often turns up some amusing items. This week, she found this gem:

“11:34 PM: Caller reports a man in a gorilla costume doing Karate moves in the street. She finds this to be very suspicious. Officer detailed reported that suspect found the costume in the basement and was goofing around.”

On a Related Note: Kung Fu Gorilla vs. Aquaman

Now, if that Kung Fu Gorilla was on the scene when the following video took place, Aquaman might have not been victorious. I had to watch this twice just to make sure of what I was seeing, and I am forced to wonder if something is seriously wrong with kids today. Doodleoodleooo AquaMAAAAA HAN!

5 thoughts on “Why I Love Small Towns: Kung Fu Gorilla

  1. Wow, that video… just… wow. I wish I had a video camera growing up to film crazy stuff like that.

    Now that I have a camera, I feel as if I’m too old to film stuff like that. I’m probably not though.

  2. that was you in the gorilla costume wasn’t it???

    i think i want to move to your small town when i get back to the states; always wanted to live there. might have to happen. maybe i’ll inherit lots of money from my crazy aunt and you and i could spend our jobless days running around in gorilla costumes. haha.

    this post is the stuff that life is truly all about.

  3. Hey Jon, It’s late and I couldn’t sleep, so I caught up with your site. Thanks for keeping me entertained on nights like this… Your contact page isn’t allowing me to send you an e-mail so I’m posting totally unreleated to the Aquaman Video.

    Although, If pressed to make a comment about Aquaman or gorillas, it would b this; If I had to wear one of the suits, I would choose Aquaman… There’s just something about being a superhero in Spandex!

    I don’t know if you’ve seen or heard about this, so I thought I’d share it with you:

    Comedian/filmmaker stops at 171 Starbucks in one day

    Hope your enjoying your summer.


  4. I know Aquaman and that was no Aquaman. >:-(

    Aquaman has green pants and an orange shirt. He’s known for bad tastes in superhero costumes.

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