Top 1010 Clues that You’re at a Really Good Nerd Party

1010. There are pony tails, but not enough Choppers to justify them.

1001. There’s a lot of expensive equipment, a fire pit, a lot of drunk people, and nothing gets broken.

1000. There are more technical people present than work at a CompUSA, and all of them would agree that calling CompUSA workers technical people is arguable at best.

0111. There is a ten foot by ten foot professional outdoor movie screen, which is attached to a Playstation2 that is surrounded by a driving wheel and “Guitar Nerd“.

0110. The opening movie is still in theaters.

0101. A planned Double feature turns into a quadra feature, with The Big Lebowski and Aqua Teen Hunger Force featured and quoted relentlessly.

0100. “What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon?” doesn’t go over many heads.

0011. Someone asks how you “boot up” the hot tub.

0010. On at least 2 occasions “KHAAAANNNN!!! is heard screamed for no reason.

and the number 1 clue that you’re at a really good nerd party:

0001. Someone drives home at 1 AM specifically to bring back a copy of the Star Trek 2: the Wrath of Khan. And gets cheered for it.

34 thoughts on “Top 1010 Clues that You’re at a Really Good Nerd Party

  1. I’m still happily ensconsed in geek or dork territory and have not yet hit the level of nerd. Heck, I haven’t even seen Star Trek I, let alone 2!

  2. 11 points of nuance:

    A geek would have, at minimum, seen Star Trek 1, 2, and 3. He or she may have seen 4, but they were pissed about those fucking whales. If they saw 5 and 6, it was purely out of a sense of duty.

    A dork would accidentally admit to not seeing any of them while claiming to be a geek.

    A nerd, on the other hand, never knows that they are a nerd. The bigger the nerd, the more that they deny it.

  3. Come on…there’s got to be a few nerds out there who despise Star Trek, just like there are metal-heads who hate Metallica and gangbangers who didn’t like…well, some gangbanger that everyone else liked (Tupac?).

    I think I’m a late-bloomer. I didn’t see Star Wars until I was 30 and never picked up a comic book until my 20s. It gives me a greater appreciation for the finer points of dorkdom.

  4. Well, I suppose—but I’ve read comics for 15 years, I listen to cool music, I like my computer a lot more than I like most people, I have a couple pairs of nerdy-looking glasses….oh forget it! I’ll go ask my friends to give me a label I can love! WAHHHH

  5. I’ve seen all the Star Trek movies. But I blame my mom for making me a Trek geek from birth.

    And that sounds like an awesome nerd party.

  6. Jon, you have the definition of ‘Nerd’ wrong. The nerds are the technical ones who actually do something productive in society. A ‘geek’ is the group of Starwars fans who aren’t nerds. A dork isn’t even a part of either group, and is usually one who excels in one very unimportant area of life while sucking at the others (such as being an expert at D&D and tries to act cool but fails terribly at it.)

  7. Binary? You know there’s gonna be a point when you out-geek yourself, right? Time will fracture – you’re walking a fine line, buddy.


    p.s. How’s the beard?

  8. There are way too many types of geeks/nerds/dorks to classify them as such. But basically geeks are the technical ones, nerds can be technical but they are generally nerds because they are into nerdy things like star trek and in their mind those things are the “cool” things to do. Besides, if nerds were the technical ones, wouldn’t Best Buy have the “nerd squad”? As for dorks, i thought all boys are called a dork by their sisters until they reach about 30, with a few exceptions. Dork is simply too generic to be a classification.

  9. This is the way I see it.

    A geek is someone who has an obsession with something, along the lines of computer (or a more specific technical related subject), or automobile mechanics, etc. Geekdom does not effect social life, positively or negatively (not counting the side effects of the specific subject obsessed). Though obsessions may occasionally cause impairment.

    A nerd is like a geek, except the obsession is with computers, math, science, etc, and usually takes it to a degree where social life is greatly impaired by the obsession.

    A dork is what you are to your older sister, and that time traveler from the ’80s.

    Well, that seemed a bit more easily defined in my head.

  10. Technically a geek is someone fantastically good at one thing…It comes from the geek shows in vaudeville/circuses…Today as we have seen definitions have become quite blurry.

    Amongst my friends geek and nerd are honorable honorifics while dork is an insult:)

  11. Anni,

    Well… On “Chuck” they have the “Nerd Herd” – so at the very least they are considered comparable in some circles… πŸ˜€

    (Just out of curiosity, am I a Nerd or a Geek – or maybe even just a dork – for liking and quoting Chuck in this discussion…?

  12. “There’s a lot of expensive equipment, a fire pit, a lot of drunk people, and nothing gets broken.”
    This one goes best for me and my friends.
    P.S. I don’t like Star Trek, Star Wars on the other hand….

  13. …nerd, dork, geek… Personally I pride myself on being a dweeb. I fit Jon’s definition of dorks and geeks, and I also have absolutely no sense of style to boot.

  14. What’s the label for all who have argued the difference between dork/geek/nerd? Or those like me who are looking for the definitive answer?

  15. Geeks: anyone who enjoys more than four of the following, and is an expert in at least one;

    Anime (any series), Starwars, Star Trek, D&D (or any TTRPG), video games, LOTR, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, fantasy in general, trivia (any subject except Harry Potter), reading, Legos, Robots (sci-fi), and comic books. (not comprehensive)

    you may consider yourself a power-geek if you specialize in two or more.

    Nerds: same rules as Geeks, except different list to select from;

    Math, Science, Computer Hacking/building/repairing/scripting etc., engineering, Physics (I know it’s a science but it deserves special mention), writing, photography, History, and Robots… (real ones).

    Dorks are simply lower level geeks or nerds that don’t know it. in fact, you are a higher level dork the more you refuse the title.

    I personally am a Power Geek and a nerd, and not a dork. (I think.)

  16. Ok, im nor a geek, nerd, dork, dweed but I am having a ‘Nerd Party’ of my own and i need to know what Nerds wear?! Is it pants up to belly botton, sort of thing?! Crap shoes, greasy hair, glasses, pocket protectors?!

  17. nerd – someone who is passionate about learning/being smart/academia.

    geek – someone who is passionate about some particular area or subject, often an obscure or difficult one.

    dork – someone who has difficulty with common social expectations/interactions.

  18. Then there are snobs. It’s when you geek out over “sophisticated” or “more delicate” obsessions, like fine dining and Chopin and figure yourself to be superior to most others. You usually love sushi, listen to The Velvet Underground, and read Nietzsche. A subset of this would be record-store snobs, people who say, “The book was much better than the movie”, as well as many traveling chefs and ‘foodies’.

    Really, I consider myself a snob which is in itself a category within geekdom. (I also have many punk and metal-head qualities, a profoundly cynical and misanthropic disposition, and I have a mohawk.) Geek–IMO–is simply obsession and extreme proficiency in one thing.

    Does that mean jocks are also geeks?

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