Business Phone Etiquette

Upon getting a phone call from a coworker in another department…

Me: What’s up, dude?
Him: Um, I don’t think that’s the proper way to answer a business phone.
Me: You’re right. Let me try again… [click]

[Phone rings again]

Me: What’s up, dudeness?
Him: That’s more like it.

2 thoughts on “Business Phone Etiquette

  1. So, when I answer the phone, knowing from caller id that it’s a co-worker, by saying ‘yo wassup bitch’ it’s not proper? I guess I’ll just have to find a word to replace bitch….

  2. According to the handbook:

    “If you feel the need to use ‘bitch’ when answering the phone, some callers might be offended. Try replacing ‘bitch’ with a less offensive colloquialism like ‘biatch’ or ‘douchebag’. It’s might help you to avoid awkward silences with the caller by giving you both something to chuckle about. Plus, it’s much more sensitive to women….”

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