Lee: Wishes From Beyond the Grave

Another (belated) birthday, another picture. Despite the semi-obscure Wing Chun reference, I think the novelty might be wearing off.

5 thoughts on “Lee: Wishes From Beyond the Grave

  1. It’s awesome! Many thanks Mr. Jon.

    Sadly, the Wing Chun mid-80’s song reference hits right smack in the college years. What makes it sad is my 20th college class reunion is next month. And what makes it more sad is that for our Alumin dinner, my class is grouped with the older classes in a separate building.

    What, do I have that old people smell going already? 🙁

  2. KFC: Less beer, more tapioca!

    Michelle: It’s not funny. Everybody Wing Chun tonight has been stuck in my head all day.

    n0ia: The only man that should be photographed doing a roundhouse kick, is Mr. Chuck Norris. Unfortunately, his rounds house kicks are so strong that they ruin film and have yet to be captured.

  3. Mr. Chuck Norris has the advantage ’cause he has those “kicking jeans” that he made and marketed to us martial arts players back in the 80’s.

    They were jeans that had this stretchy material in the crotch so that they wouldn’t split if you were doing a kick.

    Bruce Lee only had his funny track suit.

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