Adama: Wishes from Beyond the Grave

Because I sent one of my co-workers a message from Kitt for his birthday, I was obliged to send Sneezy Pete something for his. I sent this:

Best Wishes From Commander Adama

I thought it was funny, but for four hours, I didn’t hear anything about it. The lack of response made me think that the thing was probably just not funny and that I was probably a big, fucking moron.

I finally had to walk over and ask about it. This is what I learned: Sending weird pictures to co-workers on their birthdays is appreciated. Saying “It would look really good in that frame you got your son in right there” is not. Follwing up with “What? It’s not like you don’t see the kid every day” will not win any bonus points.

(One thing that I put into the picture that no one seemed to notice was the slight glow around Commander Adama’s head because, well, he’s dead, Jim.)

4 thoughts on “Adama: Wishes from Beyond the Grave

  1. so, does everyone know that your birthday is a mere 8 days away??? that’s right ladies and gents, you have a little over a week to craft the perfect birthday wish for jon, my darling older brother, who tortures you all now that i live thousands of miles away. if you see him on his birthday, pin him down and drool in his face….he LOVES that.

  2. Sheeba was a hottie….the new Galactica doesn’t even have a Sheeba…..but the Cylon is hot.

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