I’m Dead

Today was bring your kids to work day. The sound of little girls giggling while I was trying to figure out IP ranges for sites halfway around the globe drove me absolutely batshit insane because we all know that work is work and no place for fun. The minute that I heard that run through my head, the childrens’ laughter was no longer distracting or bothersome.

Although one girl kept calling me Paul, and she explained that perhaps she was thinking of Pope John Paul, and just forgetting the Jon. I thought that was somewhat reasonable coming from a seven year old, given all the people that she had probably met that day.

That was, until when leaving, she said,

Girl: “You know this is really like you dying.”
Me:: [staring]
Girl: No, it’s like I probably won’t see you again, so…
Me:: [staring]
Girl: It’s like you’re dead. What, mom? It is.”
Me: Ok, then. See you next year.

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