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So, I’m starting a blog. I don’t know if this is a good idea or not, but I’m going to start it anyway to keep myself amused. If anyone else is amused, so be it. It seemed like one of the dorkiest things that I could do. And to think myself dorky amuses me to no end.

But why entitle this blog “Present Tense”? ‘Dunno. I couldn’t think of a clever title, and this popped into my head. I seem to be constantly living in everything but the present. “What did I forget to buy at the market? What do I have to get done later?” It’s never: “I’m walking up the stairs.” Always: “I’ll be there soon,” or “I can’t believe I fell all the way to the bottom.” There are 50 million things that I miss on a daily basis, and I’m tired of it.

So this log may help. It may not. I wonder if I’ll keep it up? There I go again…

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