About Jon Dyer

Jon Dyer
Hi, I’m Jon Dyer, the guy behind Dyers.org. I’ve been surrounded by computers since the days when “hacking” meant dialing into local BBS’s from mimeographed phone lists. I parlayed that geekiness into years of eyestrain and a decade working in the computer security field.

In 2007, while happily running a 20,000 node virus system for a large multinational, I set everything up, documented everything the best I could, and gave up the money and seniority to pursue writing full-time. I spent a few years pouring every minute into bringing you daily tips, music, movies, ideas, and general geekery to get you through your day, and then embalmed the site to raise a family.

And for a Decade…

…I wrote, read books, took classes, built furniture, learned some programming languages, learned a few Nordic languges, played with new technologies, rewired networks, helped out, and took apart more electronic and mechanical objects than I can count, all while handling the day-to-day scheduling, feeding, fixing, and finances of a stay-at-home parent.


Even though my first love is Perl, I hack WordPress for fun, and help people with it whenever I can. I released three free WordPress widgets, Better Blogroll, Best Foot Forward, and Buddy Love. They have been downloaded over 60,000 times, but they have since been supplanted by native WordPress features.

  • Better Blogroll was a more flexible replacement for the default WordPress Links Widget.
  • Best Foot Forward allowed you to quickly and easily create “Best Of” posts using the WordPress tagging system.
  • Buddy Love was a widget that will display a configurable number of headlines from the feeds listed in the WordPress links manager.

Photography / Design

I’ve done a little photography and design work, although I’m not really a photographer or a designer.

  • Contributing photographer to The Quite Contrary Man, an illustrated children’s book by Partricia Rusch Hyatt
  • Contributing photographer to the MAPTECH Embassy Cruising Guide New England Coast, 9th Edition
  • Created a graphic which was published in the British Medical Journal, December 2015 Issue
  • Created a graphic which was featured in “Baxter Black: Expanded Facial Hair Types,” a short film aired on PBS
  • Designed the main storefront sign used at an Ontario music shop
  • Created an RSS e-mail icon that entered general-use across the web for a number of years
  • Contributed countless banners, header art, photo retouches, and other graphics to fundraising events or to improve the quality and usability of numerous websites

Yea, Yea. Get To The Beards, Man

Alright, Ok. Because the Northeast isn’t the warmest of climates, I’ve been growing a beard every winter to keep the wind and snow off of my face. It has become somewhat of a habit of feeling good at the expense of looking good for a few months a year while the snow is high and the winds are harsh.

Over the last decade, the beards have led me to don 50 different beard styles in a Quest for Every Beard Type (see my beard pages for more). This sent my face around the globe and landed me in The Financial Times and The Sun (UK), as well as on the front pages of Digg and Reddit on a few occasions. It also earned me an Internet Superstar award from Revision3 Network, got me a couple of offers to appear in books, and landed me an interview on a morning talk show, Good Morning Sacramento. Surprisingly, I have yet to buy a giant rope chain with a beard on it, and no one has ever recognized me on the street for my beardedness.

To drag more men into the positive feelings that invariably accompany even brief beardedness, I ran an annual event called MaBeGroMo which encouraged men to grow out their beards for the month of December. “Ran” and “event” are completely overblown terms in this case, because it’s more of an individual effort open to anyone with a Y chromosome who is willing to put down his razor for 30 days.

Previously Attained Google Ranks (Just For Fun)

#1 for nerd party (out of 6.4 million)
#1 for blogroll widget (out of 4 million)
#1 for RSS Email Icon (out of 100 million)
#1 for beard types (out of 4.5 million)
#1 for facial hair types (16.9 million)
#1 for actors who sing (out of 5.5 million)
#2 for winter fonts (out of 2.6 million)
#5 for beard styles (out of 1.2 million)
#6 for beards (out of 4 million)

Site History

I’ve been writing Dyers.org since early in 2002 as a means to entertain myself and the people around me. It’s been embalmed now, but it once had as high as 250,000 unique visitors per month. It was in Alexa’s top 100,000 sites in the world for most of 2008, before I pulled back and dedicated more time to working on a novel in 2009.

This site was always about trying to bring a stray smirk to your day. It brought me in contact with a lot of really great people from all over the globe, and I hope it entertained you, too. If you’d like to know more, you can get in touch with me directly on my contact page.

I’m glad you stopped by.