Finetune Friday

The first Friday of every month is “FineTune Friday” here at, when a bunch of us create and share music playlists based around a common theme. It’s free, open to everyone, and usually ends up being a lot of fun. Themes are usually announced in the middle of the month so that people have plenty of time to get their playlists together.
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If you want in on the fun, get a free FineTune account, and create a 45 song playlist from the FineTune library that ties in with the theme somehow. How the songs relate to the theme is completely up to your imagination.

Post your station to your site on the first Friday of the month and drop me a line, so that I know to link to your site.

It’s a good way to hear some new music, get a free link, and have some fun. If you haven’t joined in before, now’s the time to start!

Upcoming Theme

FineTune Friday Announcement: April 2008: That's All Folks

Past FineTune Fridays

That's All Folks That’s All Folks
May, 2008
Death Metal

King of the Road King of the Road
April, 2008
Truckin’ Music

Science Fiction Psi Phi
March, 2008
The Music of Science Fiction

Sex Sex
February, 2008
Dirty, Dirty Songs for Dirty, Dirty People

Bottoms Up Bottoms Up
January, 2008
Swingin’ Lounge For The Jumpin’ Jet Set

The Holidaze The Holidaze
December, 2007
Classic Christmas Tracks and Holiday Oddities.

Battle of the Sexes Battle of the Sexes
November, 2007
A List of Man Music

Halloween music Ghastly Ghoulish, Gruesome, and Gross
October, 2007
Fun Halloween Oddities

Fist Summer’s Over, Back to the Grind
September, 2007
Music For The Working Man

Shaft Cinematic Characters
August, 2007
The Finest In Blaxploitation Funk

Mr. Men Mr. Men
July, 2007
Stoner Rock

High school The high school years
June, 2007
Two Lists: Old School Rap / Old School Punk, Hardcore, And Metal

Other FineTune Playlists

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Ear worms
Cover songs
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