Beard Shaving 2009

After a someone with two advanced degrees summoned him to her desk for the fourteenth time to ask whether she could catch a virus from her PC, Roy developed a major twitch in his right eye. He was immediately sent to a week long harassment sensitivity training for winking at everyone, and was was ignored until the class projector wouldn't work. Then, he was rendered visible just long enough to use his expert troubleshooting skills to press the projector's ON button. At that moment, Roy realized that he was not only a serf of the business world, but a wet nurse. A musty basement bathed in fluorescent light was no reason to have left his cabin in the woods. Roy de-integrated himself from his desk and took a thousand foot view to disambiguate his mission statement. He was almost positive that he would need to upskill and recontextualize his core competencies. Once he figured out what he was actually saying, he returned to his cabin in the woods and hit the web to find a more manly pursuit.


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