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Replayable Web Game: Boxhead Zombie Wars

Boxhead The Zombie Wars: The zombies are attacking and you’re well equipped to deal with it. Your goal is to kill all the zombies before they overwhelm you with sheer numbers and eat your sweet, sweet braaaains.

I have always liked the Boxhead series of games, because even though the pace has always been a little slow, the volume of zombies that the game throws at you can make it almost unnerving. In addition to the typical slow moving zombie hoards, this update gives us better graphics, faster moving characters, and some better weapons. The game seems to have done away with the creepy zombie groaning of the original, but the new boards and characters are a welcome addition.

With a score of only 533,000, I’m no Ash Williams, but maybe you can prove yourself worthy. Let me know how you do in the comments.

Good Luck!

Replayable Web Game: Pel

Pel ScreenshotPel: This is a very simple Pong like game where you’re only objective is to keep the colored balls from getting past you. Considering the game only requires that you use the left and right arrow keys, and the paddle can only be in three positions (left, right or center), I thought I would’ve done a lot better.

Maybe you can do better than 5,242. If you miss three times, the game is over. Let me know how you do in the comments.

Good Luck!

Replayable Web Game: Deflector

Deflector ScreenshotDeflector: You’re a space station that looks remarkably like the death star, and you’ve been surrounded by some hostile alien ships. You have no weapons of your own, so your only defense is to use your mouse to draw shields to use your enemies’ firepower against them.

I got 12,400 on level 5, so when you do better, be sure to drop your score in the comments.

Good Luck!

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Replayable Web Game: Crate Escape

Crate Escape ScreenshotCrate Escape: You’re a tiny disco workman, and you’re only job is to use the left and right arrow keys to push crates off the edge of your platform before they crush you.

You’d think that this would be the easiest game on the web, but the best that I could do was 20, and it took me quite a few tries to even get that.

If you do better, I’d like to hear your strategy in the comments because this game makes me feel like I have no skill at all.

Good Luck!
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Replayable Web Game: The Last Canopy

The Last Canopy ScreenshotThe Last Canopy: If I had read that this was a game about fairies trying to get a bird back into its nest on the last tree on earth, I don’t think I would have ever given it a chance. The game does have a pink butterfly, but it has frickin’ lasers strapped to its head and is being followed around by these angry little lights who are looking to kick the mechanical ass of every robot that they can find.

The game is like Galaxian on crack, but the twist that makes it replayable is the weapon absorption. By holding down the X key, you can absorb the powers of robots who are near you. The robots get better and better weapons as the game progresses, so you end up having to decide whether to kill a robot on sight, or risk being killed in the melee while you attempt to absorb its powers.

It’s all robots, lasers, and a kick ass butterfly, and I didn’t a single baby bird, tree, or anyone in a cape the whole time I was playing.

My best score was a little over 13,000, but I’m sure you can do better. Post your high scores in the comments.

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Replayable Web Game: Attack of the Buggles

Attack of the Buggles!: Use your mouse to move around the screen touching blue boxes and avoiding red buggles. Every time you touch a box, you collect the points, and another red buggle appears on the screen.

Each blue box starts at 10 points, but with every passing second, the box’s value drops and your size increases, making speed as important as accuracy. Every 20 boxes, you get a little relief in the form of a green buggle, which gives you a small amount of time to destroy some of the red buggles that inevitably fill up the screen.

I’ve played a few variations of this game before (such as Ballo), but I think the added time pressure makes this game a lot more more fun than its peers.

My best score was 620. Post your high scores in the comments.


Replayable Web Game: PongOut

PongOut: If you’ve played either Pong or Breakout at any point in the recent past, you know that they offer as much fun and challenge as a hot round of mud wrestling at the senior center when everyone is full of tapioca and getting ready for their Sunday afternoon naps.

Where PongOut makes things interesting is that you have to play both games on a split screen at the same time. You move the mouse horizontally to control the breakout paddle, and vertically to control the pong paddle. It’s like wrestling two seniors at once: You don’t know why it’s challenging or appealing, but strangely, you keep going back for more.

When I play, I tend to suddenly and inexplicably stop paying attention to one of the sides and lose a couple of lives before I realize what’s going on, so the best I’ve been able to do is 11,035. The only essential trick to doing well in this game is knowing that pressing ‘M’ will mute the music.

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Replayable Web Games: Playing With Fire 2

Playing With Fire 2 ScreenshotPlaying With Fire 2: Your a little man trapped in a maze with other little men, and the maze isn’t big enough for all of you. Instead of making nice, you use the arrow keys and space bar to blow them up with your dynamite. This is in the style of a classic arcade game, and like those games, it’s simple and fun. I didn’t have a problem beating it on the highest levels, but I still found it fun enough to replay over and over.

If you’re still winding down from the family visits and last minute shopping, there’s nothing like a dose of virtual dynamite to clear out that holiday stress.


Replayable Web Game: Gimme Friction Baby

Gimme Friction Baby screenshotGimme Friction Baby: This game is a little slow, but the simplicity of gameplay and the billiards like skills needed had me playing it over and over. The game goes like this: You shoot bubbles out of a cannon and they ricochet around and stop in the playing field. If you hit a bubble three times, it disappears and you get one point. The game ends if a ricocheting bubble bounces back across a dotted line.

The highest I got was 17, which you should be able to take care of without a problem.

Post your high scores in the comments.

Replayable Web Game: No Brainer 2

No Brainer 2 screenshotNo Brainer 2: You are a big brain with glasses , and all you have to do is answer simple, rapid-fire questions by moving your mouse up and down for yes or side to side for No. Get three wrong and the game is over.

After a while you will start to recognize the answers, but I guarantee you’ll find yourself making stupid mistakes when the pressure is on.

The best that I could do was 64 correct answers in 2:08 for a score of 67,881.

Post your high scores to the comments…

Replayable Web Game: Line Game

Line Game screenshotLine Game: The aim of the game is to get your mouse through the maze without touching any walls or obstacles. I wouldn’t say that it’s particularly fun for the non-masochist, but it’s replayability is derived from the insane compulsion that will arise from not being able to complete a seemingly simple task in a reasonable amount of time.

I managed to get 10.17 in level A, 15.84 in level B, and 2.91 in level D. The rest I gave up on to keep me from throwing my monitor against the wall. None of the scores were remotely good enough to get me into the top 50, and I’m sure you’ll beat them easily.

Post your high scores to the comments…

Replayable Web Game: Rings

Rings screenshotRings: You know that baby toy where the kid has to stack up the colored rings on a stick? This game is like that on crack.

All you have to do is drag the rings into stacks from largest on bottom to smallest on top. Stacking two is worth 250, three is 500, and four is worth 1000. You have to make a certain amount of stacks to pass each round, and the game ends when a you fail to stop a larger ring from landing on top of a smaller ring.

I managed to get 108,250 points in round 11. Post your high scores to the comments…

Replayable Web Game: Table Tennis Tournament

Ping pong Tournament screenshotTable Tennis Tournament: I’ve never been very fond of ping pong, but there’s something about this game that kept me playing it over and over. Only once did I beat the first opponent, and on that occasion I somehow advanced to the semi- finals. I have no idea how I did it, and I haven’t been able to get past the first opponent since.

The game uses the Z key for low shots and the X key for high shots. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of moving the mouse to where the ball is.

Post your high scores to the comments…