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The YouTube Museum of Television (Appendix A)

Keidra created the original museum. I have merely named myself curator of the local branch (which is still looking for a clip of Robalod from mars who eats all kinds of candy bars). Dig in and remember how you used to be impressed with a lot less.

CBS Special Logo

Years ago I saw an imitation of this on a Homestartunner cartoon and I always wanted to find the original. I googled and googled, and it was a bit of a bitch to find, but totally worth it. Best. Bongos. Ever.

Zoom Intro

You know you wanted a Zoom shirt. Yes you did, Nerdo. Yes, you did. And you totally forgot about Bernadette’s arm trick, didn’t you.

Electric Company

If You watched ZOom, You watched the Electric Company.

The Crying Indian

He gives water to the garbage (Yes, that was a Dune reference. Now, I am the Nerdo.)

1977 – Be A Pepper

30 years later, and I want to punch the American werewolf in the face for that vest.

Star Wars Drunk Driving PSA

What more can be said (except Go for Papa Palpatine)?

PSA Better Business Bureau Abominable Snowman

You have absolutely no idea how difficult this was to find. I wanted to find the “Balancing my meal” or the “Now you left the window open and you’re wasting heat” vids, but I failed miserably. At least I’m the boss of my own money.

Motherfucking StarBlazers, Bitch

You can’t stop playing this theme. Go ahead and Try. You just can’t.