Cartoon Eyeballs Part Deux: Mr. Sparkle

Hello, Chief. Let’s talk. Why not? In Yesterday’s post, Cartoonify Your Life Using Ping Pong Balls, I mentioned that I wished I had created a pair of Mr. Sparkle eyes before running out of ping pong balls. After I published, I found that there were still two ping pong balls that hadn’t yet left for the land of wind and ghosts. To the left is my fire alarm, which is busy banishing dirt. Join him or die. Can you do any less?

Because of the way the Sportcraft logo is laid out, the only version of Mr. Sparkle’s eyes that can be done on a Sportcraft ball is the one from the original commercial. I’m not going to admit to talking a screenshot and doing an SVG drawing of the eyeball just to get it correct as I could, but that secret dies with this week’s recycling.

Mr. Sparkle Eye Template on a Sportcraft Ping Pong Ball

Simply draw a line from the M in Made in China to the corner of the R in Sportcraft. From there, draw a second line along the top of Sportcraft to the edge of your circle. The triangle you just made will point at the circular cutout on the other side.

On the opposite side of the logo, draw as big of a semicircle as you can in the white space. Then just follow the instructions for creating a regular pair of cartoonified eyes.


  • If you make a pencil outline before using a marker, you won’t have to break into your girlfriend’s / wife’s / goth child’s nail polish remover to scrub off your mistakes.
  • When you puncture each ball with a safety pin, you have to position them so that the round cutouts point up at a 45 degree angle. The original commercial shows the cutouts pointing to both the right and left at different times, so whichever direction you go in is up to you.

The Mr. Sparkle Commercial

If you still don’t know who Mr. Sparkle is, see below:

5 thoughts on “Cartoon Eyeballs Part Deux: Mr. Sparkle

  1. I am the distributor for my home prefecture!

    (Mr. BonzoGal has a Mr. Sparkle t-shirt. He gets buttloads of comments whenever he wears it. )

  2. My family is going to be gone for the weekend… when they come back… there are going to be ping pong ball eyes staring at them from every conceivable place in the house… I will try to take some pics if I find any really good places to stick them. Thanks for the idea!!!

  3. Haha! I did that one with this beautiful long-handled feather duster in my childhood home. I was at the peak of my Muppet obsession and decided to startle the next person to open the cleaning supplies closet with a pair of peeper staring back at eye level. It made my unsuspecting victim scream! I thought he looked rather friendly…

  4. @K: What a brave corporate logo!

    @Bonzogal: I would hope so. It’s like throwing up a flag to see who salutes.

    @Preston: Did you ever do that?

    @Teacherlady: From the stories you tell about your students, I can’t imagine someone at your school freaking out about a pair of ping pong balls. A feather duster must’ve looked like a Savage Chicken.

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