Cartoonify Your Life Using Ping Pong Balls

You’d think that sticking googly eyes all over the house would only appeal to 7 year olds, but it has a surprisingly wide appeal. I made up a set of these out of ping pong balls, and #1GF! and I have been hiding them around the house to make each other laugh for a week now. To test my sanity, I brought a set to my parents, and they had the exact same reaction as #1GF! and I did. They kept hiding them in plain site to see if anyone noticed that the faucet was looking at them. It’s a bizarre phenomenon.

These things cost a couple of bucks to make, so there’s no huge loss if you happen to leave them somewhere to make someone laugh. And because they’re only attached to things with a twist-tie, you can stash the ones around your own house so that company doesn’t think that you’re out of your mind. My only regret about this project was that by the time I thought of making a Mr. Sparkle version of the eyes, all my ping pong balls had already been sent to the land of wind and ghosts.

If you want to know how to make your own set, read on. I send you premium answer question, hundred percent.

What You’ll Need

A wire twist-tie (the kind that come with garbage bags),

A safety pin,

A black marker, and

The cheapest ping pong balls you can find.


Step 1:
Draw the roundest possible circle you can around the logo printed on the ball. Your circle doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should cover the whole logo. Repeat this for a second ball.

Step 2: Once the circles seem good enough, fill them in. Again, you don’t need to be perfect or do multiple coats because most imperfections aren’t noticeable at a distance of a couple of feet.

Step 3: At a 90 degree angle from the spot you just drew, poke a hole in each ball with a safety pin. Safety pins seem to create the perfect sized hole to fit a twist-tie. Needles are too thin, and a nail gun just makes a mess.

Step 4: Twist the end of the twist-tie like you’re threading a needle, and jam it into the holes you just created. You only have to push the ends in until it seems like you have snug fit.

Optional Instruction: Adding A Touch Of Evil

If you want to make the eyes look more cartoonishly evil than stupidly surprised, use your thumb to push a dent that goes all the way down to the edge of the black circle at a 90 degree angle from the twist-tie. When you want to place the eyes, just tilt them so that the dents are on top at a 45 degree angle like the angry plant above.

Places that have been Cartoonified

  • small clocks
  • large clocks (not so good)
  • tall bushes
  • cabinet handles (not so good)
  • coffee grinder
  • coffee maker (not so good)
  • faucets
  • the fire alarm
  • house plants
  • kettle (works best with evil eyes)
  • lamps (not so good)
  • the microwave (surprisingly works)
  • monitors (surprisingly works)
  • thin trees

Did you have any successful cartoonifications? Let me know.

5 thoughts on “Cartoonify Your Life Using Ping Pong Balls

  1. You’re the googly Martha Stewart!

    I’m making my Halloween costume for work- since I work at a biotech lab, I’m going to be a mutated radioactive lab-worker. I think I’ll glue a googly eye in the middle of my forehead so as to look more mutated.

  2. These are awesome. My daughter and I made 3 pairs last night and were putting them around the house. We’re going to make more for next weekend, when she has her Halloween sleep over with her friends.

    Also we’re going to do cat eyes and bloodshot eyes in our next round.

    Note: pipe cleaners work as well to connect the eyes, as we were having problems with the twist ties.

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