Replayable Web Game: The Last Canopy

The Last Canopy ScreenshotThe Last Canopy: If I had read that this was a game about fairies trying to get a bird back into its nest on the last tree on earth, I don’t think I would have ever given it a chance. The game does have a pink butterfly, but it has frickin’ lasers strapped to its head and is being followed around by these angry little lights who are looking to kick the mechanical ass of every robot that they can find.

The game is like Galaxian on crack, but the twist that makes it replayable is the weapon absorption. By holding down the X key, you can absorb the powers of robots who are near you. The robots get better and better weapons as the game progresses, so you end up having to decide whether to kill a robot on sight, or risk being killed in the melee while you attempt to absorb its powers.

It’s all robots, lasers, and a kick ass butterfly, and I didn’t a single baby bird, tree, or anyone in a cape the whole time I was playing.

My best score was a little over 13,000, but I’m sure you can do better. Post your high scores in the comments.


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