FineTune Friday: Science Fiction Edition

Whether you like Picard or Kirk, whether you think it was all so much better when Han shot first, or whether you’re one of those folks who throwes random e’s and y’s into thyngs, this is a FineTune Friday that was made for you.

If you’re stuck doing grunt work for the evil overlord today, the PSI PHI edition is guaranteed to give enough a charge to your dilithium crystals to create a worm hole to quitting time. Hell, even those of you who say “Star Track” or “What the hell is an Aluminum Falcon?” will get some enjoyment out of these lists.


If you’re looking for a little challenge while you listen, can you figure out why would’ve included the following tracks in my playlist? (Answers are at the bottom of this post.)

  1. “I am the Law” by Anthrax
  2. “Ch-Check It Out” by The Beastie Boys
  3. “A New Hope” by Blink 182
  4. “Funk Funk” by Cameo
  5. “Spacegrass” by Clutch
  6. “We Care A Lot” by Faith No More
  7. “What’s On Your Mind” by Information Society
  8. “Breakfast Club” by Z-Trip


For the 10th anniversary (or 1010th month) of FineTune Friday, I absorbed all the tracks like the Borg and compiled some stats on where our lists intersect. If any of you are looking for a full track listing sorted by track or album, you you can grab a text file of this month’s full stats here.

Top 101 Artists:

  1. Weird Al Yankovic
  2. They Might Be Giants
  3. The Misfits
  4. Devo
  5. M.C. Hawking

Top 101 Albums:

  1. The Misfits – Boxset – CD1 by The Misfits
  2. A Brief History Of Rhyme by M.C. Hawking
  3. Apollo 18 by They Might Be Giants
  4. Transformers The Movie by Lion
  5. Optimus Rhyme by Optimus Rhyme

Top 101 Tracks:

  1. “Space Cowboy” by Steve Miller Band
  2. “The Transformers Theme” by Vince DiCola
  3. “E=Mc Hawking (LP Version)” by M.C. Hawking
  4. “Theme From Star Trek” by Van McCoy
  5. “Intergalactic” by The Beastie Boys

FineTune Friday Psi Phi

Other FineTune Friday Participants This Month:

Don’t forget to check out the other FineTune Friday participants who have joined in the fight this month. Some of the picks were so awesome, that it took all the force on Dagobah to keep me from pilfering their playlists. 1000 bars of gold-pressed latinum go to Viv for writing both her playlist title and description in hex. Crap like that just warms my geeky little heart.

(If you’re not listed on the roster, let me know, so that I can beam you aboard.)

Quiz answers:

1. The song is about Judge Dredd. 2. The third word mentioned in the song is “trekkies” and Klingons are mentioned within the first few lines. 3. The song is a love song about Princess Leia. 4. The song starts with a spoof on Star Trek in which Captain Smirk is setting course for planet Funk Funk. 5. How can you not include a song about a pimped out Galaxy 500 that flies through space? 6. Simply because the song mentions Transformers. 7. The song’s initial words are spoken by Bones, and the main hook, “pure energy”, is spoken by Mr. Spock. 8. The song references Transformers, Autobots, The Herculoids, Voltron, The Inhumanoids, and the Thundercats.

How did you do?

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7 thoughts on “FineTune Friday: Science Fiction Edition

  1. Dude, I would’ve done it in binary, except that it would’ve taken forever to read. Hex was smaller (and really, finding a decoder made it so much easier to do).

  2. Jon…I think you’re FTFs might be a excellent rebuttal to the theory that only men are “into” music.

    It’s like you have your own personal FTF harem with us ladies!

  3. M-Shel: I won’t look at your playlists until mine is done so that I don’t steal any ideas, and I have a great time listening to all of your lists. I find myself saying “nice one” a lot over different songs. I can’t thank you guys enough for playing along every month. It’s less like a personal harem and more like having some music geeks to share with. 🙂

    Viv: For someone who was thinking that this was going to be a hard one, you did an awesome job.

    What do you all think of having the compiled stats? Am I the only one that thought that it was neat?

  4. Re stats…I didn’t want to be a pain in the arse and ask you to go through all the work to make the stats, but I’m so excited to see them! I’ve been wondering how much we all overlap!

  5. The hardest thing for me was that I wanted MC Chris, Frontalot and other nerdcore rappers, but Finetune doesn’t have them, which sucks. Thankfully one of my friends gave me some great ideas and with that, I started remininicing about my college days. So it worked out alright.

    And the stats are neat — I didn’t look at all the songs people had, but it was interesting to see the big numbers,

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