Replayable Web Games: Playing With Fire 2

Playing With Fire 2 ScreenshotPlaying With Fire 2: Your a little man trapped in a maze with other little men, and the maze isn’t big enough for all of you. Instead of making nice, you use the arrow keys and space bar to blow them up with your dynamite. This is in the style of a classic arcade game, and like those games, it’s simple and fun. I didn’t have a problem beating it on the highest levels, but I still found it fun enough to replay over and over.

If you’re still winding down from the family visits and last minute shopping, there’s nothing like a dose of virtual dynamite to clear out that holiday stress.


3 thoughts on “Replayable Web Games: Playing With Fire 2

  1. Sorry. I hate when that happens. I fixed the link.

    And I can’t believe I didn’t see the similarity to Bomberman. You’re right. It’s almost exactly the same.

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