Merry T-Mas, Everyone

Mr. T: Peace on Earth

Well, folks, I’m taking the day off to enjoy the holiday with the family. Even though I will be ignoring the religious aspect of the holiday, I can assure you that the extra energy will be dedicated to getting jolly and spreading holiday cheer. Whether you’re celebrating or not, I hope you all have plenty to eat and can spend your time with people who love you.

Have a happy and safe holiday, and I’ll see you in a couple of days.

(Seriously, though. Is that not one of the best Mr. T pictures you’ve seen? I pity myself for not seeing it sooner.)

2 thoughts on “Merry T-Mas, Everyone

  1. Quit your jibba jabba! The only peace you gonna see is a piece of my fist. Mr T. don’t take excuses. You don’t write..fine. But remember, next time you try and you come up dry you gonna feel one thing! PAIN! Another thing. I love Santa. Back when I was his bodyguard, I pitty the fool that didn’t give the big man his respect. You better remember JonD: Big Red started MabeGroMo. He knows you aint been giving him no credit. When I looked up you name on his list, this is what I read beside your name: “I’m gonna torture him. I’m gonna crucify him. Real bad.”

    Happy New Year

  2. There’s no way that I can top Jo Jo Monkey Man’s comment. It’s pure win.

    But I think Mr. T broke your web page. Proof that he’s mad at you for not crediting Big Red on MaBeGroMo.

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