Replayable Web Game: Hot Corn

Gimme Friction Baby screenshotHot Corn: This game isn’t all that challenging, but it gives the same satisfaction that comes with popping bubble wrap. The game goes like this: You are a sun, and you have to pop pieces of pop corn before the time runs out. There is oil and bad kernels to slow you down, and gas cans and lightening bolts to speed you up.

I gave up after 34 levels. How did you do?

5 thoughts on “Replayable Web Game: Hot Corn

  1. I gave up after level two – maybe it’s just the way Linux handles flash games, but my mouse wasn’t working too well and I was getting frustrated.

    Unfortunately I’m at work now and, like Pablo, can’t play this one here.

    I’m not that big of a gamer anyway, but there’s a game called Frozen Bubble for Linux that’s really swell. There are several games just like it just different names.

    I’ll see if I can find a link when I get home, you can play the online version.

  2. Heh, take a look at your Google ads – Cornhole sets for sale. I never realized that there was a game called “cornhole”

    And any time I hear the word “cornhole” I can’t help but think about going to a Gwar concert.

  3. Man, when I had the Kubb post up, I got inundated with cornhole set ads. I was going to filter them out, but every time I saw them I would say “Ha, cornhole” so I left them in.

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