Replayable Web Game: Gimme Friction Baby

Gimme Friction Baby screenshotGimme Friction Baby: This game is a little slow, but the simplicity of gameplay and the billiards like skills needed had me playing it over and over. The game goes like this: You shoot bubbles out of a cannon and they ricochet around and stop in the playing field. If you hit a bubble three times, it disappears and you get one point. The game ends if a ricocheting bubble bounces back across a dotted line.

The highest I got was 17, which you should be able to take care of without a problem.

Post your high scores in the comments.

14 thoughts on “Replayable Web Game: Gimme Friction Baby

  1. I love how you’re going along, and the balls are staying small, then you accidentally shoot it to where it barely is past the line and it turns into this HUMONGOUS ball.

    I didn’t get a chance to play it for very long, but I’m probably gonna hit it up again tonite when I get home from work.

  2. Wow thanks for getting me addicted to another silly game…. I still play Wordy haha – It took me a little while (3 days) to actually get a better score than you and not by much….18

  3. n0ia: The bubbles fill all available space, so you have to keep them clustered pretty tightly.

    Rockn: Why must you beat me at every game? I think I’m going to name you as my gaming arch nemesis. I shall beat you yet.

  4. played for 3 hrs straight…I’m hooked!!! I did manage to get a 28 once though. That’s the only time I broke 20. Got plenty of 17-19 range though.

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