FineTune Friday: Back To The Grind Edition

The mighty fist of revolutionBrothers and sisters! Lay down the tools of your trade and take the red pill! Stop kneeling before your almighty boss. Bite the hand that feeds you. Stand up, walk out of the maze, and face the fact that there never was any cheese.

Understand that you have been conditioned throughout your entire life to do one thing: comply.

Stop submitting to people that don’t deserve it. Stop trading the only thing that matters and the last thing you have left to barter with: your time. Give up the myth that menial tasks matter and that there is a gold watch waiting for you in the end. Stop being treated like a number that can be tossed aside the minute you stop adding up.

Understand that the main reason you need that job is to buy things to replace the happiness that it drains out of you every day.

End your domestication and wake up from the American dream.


Grab a beer, kick back a couple of blue pills, and listen to the latest edition of FineTune Friday themed “Summer’s over, back to the grind”.

Thanks to everyone who participated this month!


Other FineTune Friday Participants This Month:
Workman’s Comp by Keidra
Labor of Lurve by Michelle
Back on Your Heads by DigitalDarryl

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3 thoughts on “FineTune Friday: Back To The Grind Edition

  1. Geez I really wanted to participate in this one, but got swamped with a whole bunch of other crap and working on this blasted computer that I didn’t get a chance to make a playlist.

    I’m making a mental note to force myself to make time for the next one.

    Sorry I bailed on this one!

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