FineTune Friday: Cinematic Character Edition

I started with a simple question: If John Shaft listened to FineTune, what kind of playlist would he put together?

Being a complicated man, John Shaft would need music for several activities like car chases, shoot outs, hassling hustlers, risking his neck for his brother man, and of course, being a sex machine to all the chicks. He would need something funky to properly theme these activities, but his picks would probably lean towards the soul side of the funk spectrum.

I started the list with basic soul/funk heroes like Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, The J.B.’s, The Impressions, The Isley Brothers, The Dramatics, and so on, and ended up finding a ton of bands that I had never knew existed. What started out as a simple 70’s soul/funk list turned into a lesson for me. And that lesson was so much fun that it took me days to complete.

For rap fans, the list contains a large number of tracks that have been sampled in rap and hip hop over the years, some of which you might never have heard in their original form.

They say this Shaft playlist is a bad mutha… Shut yo’ mouth!


Other FineTune Friday Participants:
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Buffy & Angel by Michelle
Dirk Diggler by Keidra
Damien by Nikkinana2
The Thing by Nikkinana2

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