One of Pete’s Last Posts

Last week, while I was standing around talking to Sneezy P, a coworker called him over to his desk. The coworker saw him approaching and turned away to face his monitor. Pete walked up behind him, cracked open the guy’s brand new vitamin water and took a long swig of it. I think I actually saw a glimmer of pride cross his face after the initial swig, because the guy still hadn’t even noticed. He then made the fatal mistake of looking over at a coworker and me who had been watching the whole scenario.

My jaw must’ve been on the floor, because when he caught my expression, he burst out laughing and spit the drink all over the place, erupting into a high pitched laugh that disturbed all conference calls within thirty feet.

The real beauty of the situation was that the guy who owned the drink barely even turned around while saying, “I do not want that back.”

Unless I take up the suggestions of “babysitting” or “volunteering with old people”, I can’t see situations like this ever recurring in my professional life.

And that, my friends, is a damned shame.

6 thoughts on “One of Pete’s Last Posts

  1. It sucks leaving a job where you have great co-workers to entertain you.

    I was laughing pretty hard after this post.

    I wish I worked with some of your co-workers.

  2. I don’t care about you! I care about me!

    I’m going to miss my friend. He made me laugh. He gave me something to ponder daily. He gave me a bike when I really needed it. He referred to a woman I’ve known for years as #1GirlFriend. Even when speaking to him, that is still how I refer to her.

    Did I mention I’m going to miss my friend? He’d just walk up to my cube and stare at me until some words came out. Never knew what those words would be, but I knew it wasn’t going to be “How about those Red Sox?” He might say “Oh, you must be referring to the home town team”. I get it. He doesn’t care about sports. The success of one team over another doesn’t matter. He’d be amused when we’d show concern for his lack of enthusiasm.

    Oh and how about that Marine physical training program he went on. That was something. I believe bicycling was involved…I don’t remember Marines getting bikes? I think the program ended when he ran into a moving vehicle.

    Oh yeah…the beard. Ted Kaczynski would have been proud. Nick Nolte too.

    What else???
    Wrinkle free shirts.
    Looking at houses every weekend. Often the same ones. No intention of purchasing.
    Preventing me from having my second sneeze for almost two years. How? He had the power. When finally our cubicles were too far apart for him to say “God Bless You,” he had a written letter delivered to me by another coworker the next time I sneezed. The letter simply said……….GOD BLESS YOU.

    Damn I’m going to miss my friend.

  3. Yep, we all will miss Mr. Jon.

    I will miss our discussions on whether wearing wrestling, viking, or biker clothes are appropriate for work. I will miss giving him wierd workout suggestions (sandbag anyone?).

    Like Jon said, this company has its issues (just like any other company). However most of the people here are great and we make efforts to entertain each other. Sadly with Jon leaving our entertainment factor will have gone down a couple of notches. 🙁

    Godspeed my friend.

  4. You guys are making me miss Jon and I”ve never even met the guy, let alone work with him for TEN years. *sniffle*

    But, he’s coming to visit us in Chicago…I’m just positive he is!!! (hint, hint, nudge, nudge, slap aside the head, slap aside the head)

  5. I forgot to add…

    He gave me “Professor Frink” as he had an extra one and he knew my love of the Simpsons. Frinky sits proudly in front of my pictures of the family.

    He gave me a plastic Star Trek Tellerite. Then using the “smarts” only this group has, they took my Darth Maul figure and had it pierce his lightsaber through the Tellerite. Sat for years on my desk (till sadly the lightsaber broke). Best moment was a complete stranger who just came up and said, “that’s gross”.

    Good times. Good times.

  6. Good times and a damned shame indeed.
    I will most particularly miss the earworm insanity. Which will persist in less immediate and more diabolical formats!
    Movienights to come will have to include Zombies, Werewolves and Vampire Zombie Werewolves. But none of them Zombie Vampire pufdas.
    Or Werewolves of London unless Sledgebreaker is covering it in my yahd whenever they’re stateside. Bring a chainsaw… do I hear a Jackyl cover too perhaps, or is that an Easter Island head you’re carving?
    And tell Dan Dökken he sucks. I will NEVER tire of hearing that.

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