Finetune Friday: Actors Turned Singers

Can you believe that it’s been over a year since the Megalist of Actors Turned Singers? Neither can I!

Instead of only being able to look at the album covers, did you ever wish that you could hear some of those actors in all their craptastic glory? Neither did I!

But who cares what we want? This is the interwebs, bitches! It’s all about what the kids want, and the kids want Hasselhoff slow jams to make out to. And I’m not here to argue, I’m here to deliver the goods.

I added all the artists from the megalist that I could find. If I there are more that you know of, I’m really not sure you should tell anyone.


Actors Who Tried to Sing: The Playlist

(on a side note, I will be joining several other music nerds in putting out monthly FineTune themed playlists. The first round of these is themed “High School Years” and is slated to be released next Friday, June 1. If you’d like to join in, get a free FineTune account and start building your list. Make sure to drop me a line to let me know you’re in, so that we can all cross link you up.)

5 thoughts on “Finetune Friday: Actors Turned Singers

  1. Wow…I’m absolultely astounded that it’s been a year…and that I’ve been reading your blog for even longer than that!

    Definitely an impressive playlist…and more than a little bit frightening when listened to at 2 a.m.

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