FineTune Friday: Covers Edition

So, I’ve been promising DigitalDarryl a Covers CD for quite some time, but I figured that it would be more flexible if I just created a station on FineTune. It’s not as metal as I’d like it to be, but I weighted the choices more toward originality than metalosity.

I came up with almost 90 songs, including some real gems from William Shatner and Hayseed Dixie, and a super creepy version of “Black Sabbath” by Type O Negative. If you want to beat me at my own game, start digging over at The Covers Project and then throw your finds up on FineTune so we can bask in your glory. Otherwise, feel free to drop any worthy additions in the comments.

FineTune: My Best of the Covers Station:

Update: They’ve taken up the crusade and added a cover station over at Cynically Optimistic & Optimistically Bitter. Check out QuietlyGoingMad’s “Not By The Original Artist” playlist.

9 thoughts on “FineTune Friday: Covers Edition

  1. Bitchen!
    The Garage Inc. Metallica was a surprise. Short Haired Robots or not, they can rock when they want to.
    I’ve been mostly waiting for Cash covering Soundgarden!
    Now I have to figure out how to stream these to files…
    Retarded Idiotic Assfaced Assclowns be damned.

    Thanks man!

  2. I list over 100 tracks of novelty mayhem and the people complain about not including Adam Sandler?

    I added it in your honor (and with great shame).

    I really can’t be expected to know it all…

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