More Cowbell Madness with FineTune

While googling for internet radio information to help Tankboy legally get his DJ sets online, I came across FineTune and got a bit hooked.

FineTune is another free internet radio station creation site, where people can compile playlists from FineTune’s library of tracks. Once the lists are over 45 songs long, anyone can tune in and listen to them. Because there is something wrong with me, I set up yet another cowbell station and ended up adding 70 cowbell-rich tracks before giving up. For those counting along at home, I have now created six cowbell CDs, one lala Cowbell station, and one FineTune Cowbell station.

I have to say that I was so impressed with FineTune’s wide selection of tracks that I threw together a musical oddities station that should keep you amused once your cowbell fever subsides.

And FineTune even let me embed the stations right into this post for your personal listening enjoyment.

If you tune in and have any comments or suggestions, I’m all ears.


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